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скачать полную версию крафт зе ворлд

скачать полную версию крафт зе ворлд

окна века прокопьевск

Тайны Прованса Secret Provence Jonglez Publishing 2006 ISBN 9782915807127 188x102 мм 288 с. на английском языке Мягкая обложка Вес: 341 г. A statue of pregnant Virgin Mary, an astronomical observatory in a former nuclear missile silo, a hotel room in a tree or a gipsy caravan, primitive Proven& 231;al artists, the mark of Christ’s knee, a fountain that flows with wine, a caiman dedicated to the Virgin Mary, a church in a theatre, an erotic medieval bas relief, a countess who returned to life, a Proven& 231;al Villa Medicis, a false volcano at La Roquebrusane, a "sheep bridge" at Arles, a rain-making saint, an alchemist’s garden, a magic palindrome at Opp& 232;de... Provence is not limited to postcard clich& 233;s about fields of lavender or picturesque villages where pastis-drinking inhabitants pass the time playing p& 233;tanque. For those who manage to stray from the beaten paths, Provence is full of surprising features and curious sights that will amaze residents as well as visitors who thought they knew all there is to know about this...

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